2022 Guide to Residential Solar Power: Understanding Storage Options 

Residential Solar Power Storage: What You Can Do

One of the beautiful things about solar power is that every homeowner can get as little or as much solar energy as they want. Some may only want solar to help reduce their energy bills, so they can have a basic system without storage installed to supply their homes with electricity during the day and then rely on grid-produced power at night.

Meanwhile, others may want a more energy independent system that allows them to unplug their homes from the national grid entirely. For this type of system, solar storage would be required to ensure their systems can supply them with the power they need during the evening hours. If you are the latter, then understanding your storage options is essential for building the perfect solar system for your home. Here’s our guide to solar storage. more “2022 Guide to Residential Solar Power: Understanding Storage Options “

Questions to Make Sure Your Solar Salesperson Asks

Should You Try to Find a Better Solar Installer? Here’s One Way to Tell

If you are interested in going solar and are entering the phase where you are comparing installation companies, then you will find hundreds of articles online that can help ensure that you ask the installer the right questions before choosing the perfect one for your project.

But what most of those articles won’t tell you is that the questions your installer asks you are just as important as the questions you ask your installer.

Here are five important questions that your solar salesperson should ask you when performing their pitch. If they don’t ask them, then it is probably best to find another, better installer. more “Questions to Make Sure Your Solar Salesperson Asks”