2023 Solar Guide: Factors to Consider When Financing Residential Solar

Considering Financing Residential Solar in 2023? Read This First

After a rough 2022, which saw solar prices rise for the first time in years due to things like inflation and supply chain issues, things are starting to get back under control and the industry should return to form at some point in 2023. In fact, with supply chain problems already clearing up and with inflation starting to wane, things are already looking up.

And with so many different financing options now available that can help homeowners afford their solar installations, there’s no reason why 2023 won’t be another great year for solar. But of course, to get the best experience possible, you will want to know what factors to consider when choosing to finance your residential solar installation with a solar loan. So, here are seven factors you will want to pay attention to when financing your home’s solar installation. more “2023 Solar Guide: Factors to Consider When Financing Residential Solar”

Will Residential Solar Power Get Cheaper in 2023?

Sorting Out the Cost of Residential Solar Power for 2023

The cost of technology always drops over time because ongoing research and development make it possible for manufacturers to produce their products more efficiently and for less money. This is why modern televisions, computers, and other tech products sell for a fraction of what they used to. And this is likewise why the cost of residential solar has decreased significantly since it was first made available to homeowners before suffering a setback with elevated prices in 2022. more “Will Residential Solar Power Get Cheaper in 2023?”