Will My Solar Panels Actually Work in All Kinds of (Bad) Weather?

Using Solar Power When You Can’t Control the Weather

It’s a common question to ask before you invest in switching to solar power. After all, it’s a big commitment! Luckily, solar panels that simply don’t work as well in inclement weather is one of the biggest myths about solar power around. Let’s get this out of the way up front: to put it simply, yes, your solar panels will work in cloudy or bad weather. However, they may be operating at a slightly decreased level of efficiency.

How and in what ways your solar panels are affected will be determined by the type of bad weather, if your solar panels are properly maintained, and how you’re able to compensate for what weather comes your way. Here’s what you can expect in every type of bad weather when it comes to the efficiency and functionality of your solar panel system. more “Will My Solar Panels Actually Work in All Kinds of (Bad) Weather?”