Questions to Make Sure Your Solar Salesperson Asks

Should You Try to Find a Better Solar Installer? Here’s One Way to Tell

If you are interested in going solar and are entering the phase where you are comparing installation companies, then you will find hundreds of articles online that can help ensure that you ask the installer the right questions before choosing the perfect one for your project.

But what most of those articles won’t tell you is that the questions your installer asks you are just as important as the questions you ask your installer.

Here are five important questions that your solar salesperson should ask you when performing their pitch. If they don’t ask them, then it is probably best to find another, better installer.

#1: Why Are You Choosing Solar?

This is a simple question, but it is one that is so important. When an installer asks this question, the answer you provide makes it easier for them to provide you with information that matters to you. They can save both you and them a lot of time by focusing on the information that will make the most sense to you.

#2: What Are Your Expectations?

A good solar salesperson should make you feel excited about the potential of your solar system but not leave you believing in things that aren’t possible. If you think your solar system will be capable of doing something it is not, or your system will be able to do more than you think, then the salesperson should clarify, so you know exactly what to expect once your system is up and running.

#3: What is Your Budget?

This question should be asked before any products or equipment are introduced into the pitch. Why? Because if your budget doesn’t permit you to choose the best solar panels on the market, then the solar salesperson shouldn’t discuss them or else you will be left feeling that you are settling for a substandard system. A good salesperson will be able to match the client’s budget to the best equipment within their range.

#4: Is There Anything Holding You Back From Going Solar Today?

When a solar salesperson asks this question, they want to know what is causing you to hesitate in making your purchasing decision. This is an excellent opportunity for the salesperson to educate you and help you overcome your fears or concerns that might be standing in your way.

#5: Do You Have a Project Deadline in Mind?

Every solar installation is different. And so are the needs of every solar client. Your solar salesperson should ask this question, so they can schedule your installation accordingly. However, in some cases, a project may be too large to be completed by the client’s deadline. This question and your answer will allow your installer to explain what the realistic timeline should be on a project of your size, so you can know exactly what to expect once they start working on it.

Trust in Your Solar Installer is a Must

When choosing the solar installer to perform your installation, you will want to pick the one that you trust most. Before making your decision, it is always recommended to compare offers from at least three different installers. It is also important to remember that the most expensive installer doesn’t mean that they’re the best or that the most affordable one means that they’re the worst. If you want your system to work as intended and with minimal problems, then do your due diligence and make your decision based on how much you trust the installer.

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