Solar in Winter: Here’s What You Need to Know

Snow Won’t Damage Your Solar Panels

If you’ve had sturdy, reliable solar panels installed by professionals, then a little snow should not hurt the equipment. To begin, the slanted nature of a solar array’s design not only allows for maximum consumption of the sun’s rays, but it also encourages wintry weather (rain, sleet, or snow) to slide off quickly. In a way, that wet weather provides a fairly cost-free way to clean your panels after layers of dust, dirt, and grime may have built up over time.

Reports differ as to whether you should try and clean off any snow from the panels yourself, but the general consensus says you can let the panels melt the snow off with their own heat conduction. If you do insist on climbing up to your roof, make sure you use a solar panel snow rake to ensure that no scratches result from your cleaning.

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