What Happens to My Solar Panels If I Move?

Selling Your Home and Not Sure What to Do About Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a great way to cut down on energy costs, but between purchasing and installing the actual equipment and getting the necessary permits, they can be a big investment. If a new job, a new baby, or simple wanderlust is taking you to another city, state, or county as you purchase a new home, what to do with that solar investment is a question you’ll have to answer.

Whether you end up selling your solar panels along with your home or taking them with you to your new home can involves several considerations. In this article, we take a look at how to make the decision about moving solar panels when you buy a new home.

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Is Solar Ever Going to Replace Fossil Fuels?

Global Warming Is Real – Can Solar Power Help Out?

With outspoken voices like that of student climate activist Greta Thunberg and former presidential candidate Jay Inslee taking center stage in the media these days, more and more evidence of the harmful environmental effects of fossil fuels is coming to light. The importance of renewable energy sources like solar has never been higher, but so many factors play into our ability to implement it.

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