What Should You Ask Your Solar Salesperson Before Signing that Contract?

Common Questions About Residential Solar Panel Purchase and Installation

When you purchase solar, you are not only signing a contract with your solar installer, but you’re also entering a relationship with them that will last as long as you have your solar in your home. Therefore, it is crucially important to choose a solar installer you can trust.

The journey to finding the right solar installer for your project begins with the first conversation you have with any company’s solar salesperson. Asking the right questions at the right time will help give you some insight into the companies, so you can start narrowing down your choices.

Here are the top five questions on a variety of important topics to ask your solar salesperson before signing that contract. more “What Should You Ask Your Solar Salesperson Before Signing that Contract?”

Everything You Wanted to Know About Replacing Solar Panels

What Do You Need to Know When Replacing Solar Panels?

One of the benefits of going solar is that solar equipment is exceptionally long lasting because they are built with durability in mind. In fact, once solar panels are installed on a home, the homeowner usually won’t have to worry about them for the next 30 to 40 years, barring the usual basic maintenance of cleaning them off from time to time. This durability is why most solar panels come with such lengthy manufacturer warranties.

But as with all things, as time passes, there will come a time when you might need to replace your solar panels. In this guide, you’ll learn what signs to watch out for and what you can do about it should your solar panels start to fail. more “Everything You Wanted to Know About Replacing Solar Panels”

Is It Better to Buy Residential Solar Power in the Summer or Winter?

When Is the Best Time to Buy Residential Solar Power?

If you have recently made the decision to go solar, then congratulations are in order. Soon you’ll be able to say goodbye to hefty energy bills and hello to reliable, clean, and sustainable energy. Your next step is probably to decide whether to have your system installed in the summer or winter.

There are pros and cons to each season, so this guide will lay everything out for you. After reading, you will know what to expect moving forward and that will better help you choose the right season for your residential solar power installation. more “Is It Better to Buy Residential Solar Power in the Summer or Winter?”

2022 Guide to Residential Solar Power: Understanding Storage Options 

Residential Solar Power Storage: What You Can Do

One of the beautiful things about solar power is that every homeowner can get as little or as much solar energy as they want. Some may only want solar to help reduce their energy bills, so they can have a basic system without storage installed to supply their homes with electricity during the day and then rely on grid-produced power at night.

Meanwhile, others may want a more energy independent system that allows them to unplug their homes from the national grid entirely. For this type of system, solar storage would be required to ensure their systems can supply them with the power they need during the evening hours. If you are the latter, then understanding your storage options is essential for building the perfect solar system for your home. Here’s our guide to solar storage. more “2022 Guide to Residential Solar Power: Understanding Storage Options “

Questions to Make Sure Your Solar Salesperson Asks

Should You Try to Find a Better Solar Installer? Here’s One Way to Tell

If you are interested in going solar and are entering the phase where you are comparing installation companies, then you will find hundreds of articles online that can help ensure that you ask the installer the right questions before choosing the perfect one for your project.

But what most of those articles won’t tell you is that the questions your installer asks you are just as important as the questions you ask your installer.

Here are five important questions that your solar salesperson should ask you when performing their pitch. If they don’t ask them, then it is probably best to find another, better installer. more “Questions to Make Sure Your Solar Salesperson Asks”

How Can I Be Sure I’ve Calculated the Right Amount of Solar Panels for My Home? 

Do I Have Enough Solar Panels? How Can I Be Sure?!

To get all the benefits you expect from your solar system, one of the most important things you need to do is to make sure you have calculated the right amount of solar panels for your home. The reason is because your solar panels are what absorb the sun’s rays, so you can only generate as much energy as your panels are able to take in.

But before you can start calculating your solar panel needs, you will first need to find out how much electricity your home uses and how much of that demand you want your solar panels to provide. more “How Can I Be Sure I’ve Calculated the Right Amount of Solar Panels for My Home? “

5 Ways to Optimize Your Residential Solar Panel Power Output 

Is Your Residential Solar Panel Output Optimized?

At the time of this writing, it is the middle of summer and temperatures are scorching. For most Americans, this time of year means enjoying backyard barbeques, relaxing in swimming pools, taking vacations, and just living life at a little slower pace because of the oppressive heat. But summer also has a dark side. This is the time of year when energy bills skyrocket and rolling blackouts leave many families without electricity for hours at a time. It’s also the season where strong storms can sometimes leave neighborhoods powerless for days.

Having solar panels installed is one of the best ways to combat summer’s dark side. They help ensure you have electricity when power from the grid is interrupted and they dramatically reduce your dependence on the grid, which translates into significantly lower energy bills.

But just how much your solar panels can save you ultimately depends on whether they are operating at their optimum level. So, if you want to ensure your energy bills are as low as they can go, it is vital to ensure that your solar panels are optimized to deliver their highest possible power output. Here are five things you need to do to optimize your solar panels. more “5 Ways to Optimize Your Residential Solar Panel Power Output “

Can Residential Homeowners Take Their Solar Panels When They Move? 

Are Your Solar Panels Actually “Yours”?

Purchasing a solar system for your home is an excellent investment because it helps you save money on your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your home. But life can be unpredictable, so while you may have had your solar system installed not intending to move, there may come a time when a move is necessary.

So, what happens to your solar system if you need to move? Can you take your solar panels with you, or do you need to leave them with the house for the new buyer?

Your options ultimately depend on a few different factors. In this post, we will examine your options, so you can have a better idea of what to expect should you find yourself relocating. more “Can Residential Homeowners Take Their Solar Panels When They Move? “

Making the Connection Between Solar Power and the Value of Your Home

How Much Does Solar Impact a Home’s Value?

Like any home improvement project, adding solar power to your home is an investment. But one way that solar power differs from most home improvement projects is the fact that it not only increases your home’s value, but it also helps you save money in the form of lower utility bills.

In fact, so much attention gets paid to solar’s ability to reduce energy bills that increasing a home’s market value is arguably one of the most undersold reasons for going solar. So, how much can you expect your home’s value to rise after having solar panels installed? The connection between solar power and the value of your home depends on six key factors, which we will go over here. more “Making the Connection Between Solar Power and the Value of Your Home”

How Can I Find State Incentives, Tax Breaks, and Financing Help for Switching to Residential Solar Power? 

Financing Help for Switching to Residential Solar Power

Solar is attractive to homeowners for a range of reasons. From lowering (or even eliminating) energy bills to helping them achieve greener, more environmentally responsible lifestyles, solar plays an integral role in not only helping Americans become energy independent, but it also is one of the biggest contributors to helping heal the planet.

Because of its environmental benefits, both the federal and state governments offer a variety of programs and incentives to make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to make the switch to solar. If you are thinking about going solar and you want to learn more about your state’s incentives, what tax breaks are available to you, and what type of financing options there are, then this post will help guide you in the right direction. more “How Can I Find State Incentives, Tax Breaks, and Financing Help for Switching to Residential Solar Power? “