Is It Really Worth It to Buy and Install Residential Solar Power in Winter?

Is It Really Worth It to Buy and Install Residential Solar Power in Winter?

Once the clocks have been turned back and the days are starting to grow shorter, you might think it would make sense to put your thoughts of having solar panels installed on your home on pause. After all, in the winter it gets dark by 5PM, right?

While it’s true that the days are shorter in the winter, that alone doesn’t mean that installing residential solar power in the winter won’t be worth it. In fact, there are several reasons for why winter might actually be one of the best times of year for buying and installing solar power, and here’s why.

Demand for Solar Is Naturally Lower

Even though the sun shines all year round, solar is largely considered a summer product. As a result, demand for solar can be extremely high in the summer, but in the winter, not so much.

By having your solar panels installed in the winter, you will find your contractor of choice to be much more accommodating to your schedule. You most likely won’t have to worry about being put on a long waiting list and your project will be completed on time in most cases.

Opportunities to Save Are Greater

With fewer customers in the winter, solar installers may be more willing to negotiate with you to help secure a job. From reducing their fees to offering money-saving rebates or other incentives, there are several ways that contractors will try to drum up business during their “off-season.”

One popular technique used by some contractors is to partner up with another seasonal service provider, like a snow removal company. With this, after having your solar system installed, you may be eligible for a big discount on snow removal for the winter.

Savings Are Savings, Regardless of the Season

Another big reason to have your solar panels installed in winter is that simply by having solar on your home, you’re going to save money on your utilities. Simply put, the sooner you go solar, the sooner you start saving.

Going solar in winter will also allow you to start collecting energy credits immediately, which will come in extremely handy once summer’s heat returns and you’re relying on your air conditioning again.

Go Solar in Winter and You’ll Be Ready for Summer

In the summer, you may find yourself waiting for a long time to have your solar panels installed. In fact, if you wait too long, the odds are good that your installation won’t make it on the schedule before the new school year begins, thus causing you to miss out on all that free energy that the summer sun has to offer.

Instead, by installing your solar panels in the winter, your home will be ready for the summer sun well in advance. You also won’t have to worry about solar contractors working on your roof while you’re trying to soak up some rays or find yourself having to change your vacation plans because your solar contractor has only one slot open and it’s when you were supposed to be in Disneyland.

Solar – It’s Always Worth It

There is no bad time to go solar. It’s also impossible to go solar too early. Why put off saving money on your energy bills simply because it’s getting colder outside? If you are interested in solar energy, contact your local solar installer today to find out what kinds of deals they have to offer on your winter installation.

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