What Do I Need to Know About Owning Solar Panels?

What Do I Need to Know About Owning Solar Panels?

A solar system is comprised of many different parts, but the one component that will require the most attention from the homeowner is the solar panels. When you own a solar system, its performance efficiency will be affected by the quality of your panels and how well you are able to maintain them.

If you are thinking about going solar this year, then here’s what you need to know about owning solar panels, from choosing the right panels to properly maintaining them.

How to Choose the Best Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar panel technology is always being updated, so it can be almost impossible to stay ahead of the curve. The best you can do is choose the best quality panels available at the time you are buying your system. Here are four things to consider when purchasing solar panels for your home to help ensure the ones you are getting are built with quality and efficiency in mind.

  • Look for a solar panel efficiency equal to or above the industry average of 16-18%.
  • Look for a solar panel manufacturer warranty equal to or above the industry average of 10-25 years (keep in mind most manufacturers have different warranties for solar panel production and materials).
  • Compare cost to efficiency (just because a panel is rated high in efficiency does not always mean it’s the best value, while a cheap panel may ultimately cost you more over the long run due to energy production compromises).
  • Look for panels that meet the IEC 61215 reliability standard if you live in an area that receives a lot of snow or high winds.

Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar panel maintenance involves two different aspects – keeping your solar panel surfaces clean, and performing system maintenance when something is not working properly. For the most part, solar systems are incredibly durable and capable of lasting upwards of 30 years with the proper care and maintenance.

Unless your solar PV system has a bad part or was installed incorrectly, there is actually very little a homeowner needs to worry about to keep their solar system running. Usually, you just need to give the panels a routine cleaning from time to time. Depending on where you live, cleaning may not even need to happen as solar panels are installed with the natural pitch of your roof, so rain will naturally remove any dust or dirt from the surfaces.

The only time you may need to increase your cleaning schedule would be if the panels were covered in bird droppings or heavy snow. In either case, hiring a professional to perform the cleaning is recommended because as durable as solar panels are, they can be damaged if you are not careful when cleaning them.

Let Your Installer Help You Choose the Best Solar Panel for Your Home

Your solar installer is the expert when it comes to choosing your solar panels, so take advantage of their expertise before you make your choice.

Your contractor wants you to be satisfied because they understand how important it is to have happy customers. After all, happy customers are more likely to referral them to other prospects.

Discuss your solar needs, expectations, and budget with your contractor and they’ll be more than happy to help you choose the best panels for your home.

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