How Much Will It Cost to Put Solar Panels on My House?

A Breakdown of All the Costs Associated With Home Solar Installation

Solar power has gotten less and less expensive over the years, with the average cost of solar panels and the rest of what makes up a solar power system now costing roughly a third of what it did at the turn of the millennium. That said, figuring out how much a solar power system will cost you can be challenging. There are many variables involved, so the short answer to the question in this post is “it depends.”

In this post, we’ll get into some of the variables involved in estimating how much of a system you need and how much it’ll cost to purchase that system and have it professionally installed.

We’ll look at the effect your location can have on pricing, as well as the variability of equipment option pricing, and even what you may be able to count on for price offsets in different places across the country. But to truly get your head wrapped around what you need and what it will cost, you’re going to want to consult a local solar installation professional. more “How Much Will It Cost to Put Solar Panels on My House?”