Solar Savings by State: Who’s on Top?

Which States Have Led the Movement Towards Clean Energy?

Solar energy is sweeping the nation, but some states have been a little quicker to jump on the bandwagon than others. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the states on the coasts, which often have the biggest population centers with high energy requirements, and where there generally seems to be a larger movement with respect to concerns about the impact of energy use on our environment, are pushing solar energy a bit harder than the southern and midwestern states.

Residents in these other areas of the country may have lower energy needs and may also be more reliant on fossil fuels for their economies, as is typically the case. But when we really drill down, where does each state stand on solar energy savings? Read on to find out the details now.

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Is Solar Ever Going to Replace Fossil Fuels?

Global Warming Is Real – Can Solar Power Help Out?

With outspoken voices like that of student climate activist Greta Thunberg and former presidential candidate Jay Inslee taking center stage in the media these days, more and more evidence of the harmful environmental effects of fossil fuels is coming to light. The importance of renewable energy sources like solar has never been higher, but so many factors play into our ability to implement it.

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