Taking Advantage of Winter to Go for Residential Solar

Taking Advantage of Winter to Go for Residential Solar

It might be easy to think that once summer is over, you should wait until next spring before scheduling your solar installation. But the truth is much like buying a home, there are some distinct advantages to waiting until winter to purchase your solar system. In fact, there are three very good reasons for why winter might even be the best time to choose to have your residential solar system installed and here they are.

The Sooner Your System is Installed, the Sooner You Start Saving

This just comes down to basic math. The sooner your system is up and running, the sooner you will start seeing your utility bills go down. Even the shorter days in winter will enable you to enjoy substantial energy savings and by getting your system installed at this time, it will already be working for you by the time the clocks change, and the days get longer again.

By waiting until spring to buy, you might not be able to get your system installed until late summer or early fall because installer schedules fill up so fast during that time of year. That means you can wind up losing seven or eight months (or longer!) of savings just by waiting two months to buy. Plus, by going solar in winter and generating more electricity than you use, you will be able to ensure that you’ll have energy buyback credits available that will help offset your skyrocketing summer bills once you start using your air conditioning again.

And don’t forget about those federal solar tax credits. With every passing year, the credits decrease and in 2024, they go away forever unless Congress takes action. Waiting just a couple of months to buy your solar system can make a difference between you getting 26% in tax credits or 23%.

More Flexible Installation Calendar

With solar installers seeing a drop in installations during the later part of the year, the fact is they simply have more time on their hands to devote to your job. This means their calendar will be more open and you will be more likely to be able to schedule your project at a time that is most convenient for you and your family.

In addition, you will also find the wait time for building permits, inspections, and other factors that go into having work done on your home will also be completed quicker and more efficiently in winter. If you’re someone who likes being someone’s “most valuable client,” then booking a winter solar installation will be for you.

Great Deals on Solar Equipment and Labor

During the summer, the cost for solar equipment and labor is at its peak. But like all seasonal products and services, prices go down in the “off season.” This means you may be able to find some money-saving deals on all the components that make up your solar system, including the solar panels, which can account for a significant chunk of your budget. With the savings you get, you can choose to save the money or invest in higher quality products. And because installers have fewer jobs at this time of year, there’s also a good chance that you’ll be able to negotiate a lower price for your installation.

If you think solar is right for you, then the sooner you purchase it, the better, even if that means buying it in winter. With solar, there is no “bad” season to buy. As long as the sun shines (and even on mildly cloudy days), your system will generate electricity that will help cut your utility bills down.

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