Awesome Solar-Powered Inventions to Check Out in 2020

The Best New Solar Inventions and Gadgets for Right Now

Other than the solar panels you see on neighborhood roofs and the solar-powered calculator you once used in algebra class, chances are good that solar power doesn’t have a regular presence in your day-to-day life. Well truly, that’s a shame.

In case you’re just waking up to the marvel that is household, affordable solar power, the sun is being used to power and charge many other gadgets beyond the handheld calculator these days. Check out these awesome solar-powered inventions for 2020.

Solar for Use Around the House

Even if you’re not quite in the position to purchase an entire solar power system to run your home and all of your appliances, there are several solar-powered home and garden devices that can help you save money on your power bill.

Solar roof vent fans, solar patio umbrellas, solar-powered electric fences to keep deer out or livestock animals in, solar planters that light up at night, and solar chandeliers are just a handful of the exciting new ways that solar cells are being put to work, powering devices, both inside and outside the home.

Solar on the Go

As much fun as setting up your home, patio, or backyard with the latest solar gadgets might be, the real excitement surrounding solar inventions for most people has to do with applications that let you have renewable, clean solar energy wherever you go.

Solar power packs are getting smaller and smaller, allowing people to charge or power devices of all kinds wherever the sun shines. There are solar backpacks and bags, flexible portable solar panels, even solar power-generating hats that can charge phones and other small devices wherever you might be. Moreover, there are prototype solar-powered electric cars in development right now.

Solar Inventions Beyond the World of Consumer Goods

Beyond the world of consumer goods, many inventors are releasing products that use solar power as a force for good in the world. Solar roads that generate power for streetlights and traffic lights while people walk, ride, or drive on them are being installed in many parts of the world.

Solar power generating paint is a reality now. Further, researchers are currently perfecting a solar powered artificial leaf that takes atmospheric CO2 and converts it into energy using the power of the sun!

The Coolest Solar Gadgets for Right Now

Solar technology has moved into the twenty-first century. There are many applications for solar cells beyond large roof arrays that power entire buildings. There has never been a better time to get in on solar power by converting some of your home and garden devices to solar versions, or taking the power of the sun with you in a backpack.

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