Awesome Solar-Powered Inventions to Check Out in 2020

The Best New Solar Inventions and Gadgets for Right Now

Other than the solar panels you see on neighborhood roofs and the solar-powered calculator you once used in algebra class, chances are good that solar power doesn’t have a regular presence in your day-to-day life. Well truly, that’s a shame.

In case you’re just waking up to the marvel that is household, affordable solar power, the sun is being used to power and charge many other gadgets beyond the handheld calculator these days. Check out these awesome solar-powered inventions for 2020.

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How Solar Can Keep Your Summer Electric Bills Low

Saving Money With Solar This Summer

All across North America, people are getting ready for summer and the arrival of hot summer temperatures. Summer weather makes many outdoor activities possible again, but it also makes the time we spend indoors reliant on air conditioning of some kind, a great deal of the time.

No matter how you cool your home – whether it’s by swamp cooler, a window AC unit, central AC, or with fans – summer means higher electric bills. However, it really doesn’t have to. One of the great things about renewable, green, solar energy is that it’s practically free once you’ve paid for the equipment. Read on to learn more about how going solar this summer can lead to savings on your power bills.

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Solar and Climate Change: A Guide for Homeowners

Are You Doing Your Part for Climate Change by Going Solar?

If you are a homeowner and are considering solar panels, one of the factors that may play a part in your decision is the relationship between going solar and climate change. You probably suspect that switching to solar energy can go a long way to slowing down the catastrophic effects of human civilization on climate, and you are correct. Here’s why.

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What Are the Basics of Solar Power for the Interested Homeowner?

What Homeowners Need to Know About Solar Power

The results are in and the overwhelming majority of scientists agree that climate change is a serious problem. A recent study suggested that if something is not done, there will be catastrophic consequences to the environment within 12 years. Fortunately, there is one easy thing that every homeowner can do right now, which is installing solar panels.

If you have been holding out on installing solar panels for your home because you’re not really clear how it all goes together, here are the basics. more “What Are the Basics of Solar Power for the Interested Homeowner?”